For sale:

- Behotec C 40 complete set
- Behotec aluminum 107 mm legs with axle - 2 piece
- Behotec aluminum NL 145 L front leg
- Set aluminum wheels with tires 2 x 4,5" + 1 x 3,5"

Everything is brand new.

I bought all Behotec parts direct from Behotec firm in Germany.
As can be seen on bills, I get 10% discount on price!!!

Wheels are bought in USA...

Parts was just instal on my jet project Galeb G2, but model was never fly.

Shafts are custom made for aluminum wheels. Original shafts are included...

Front leg...

Set contains air tank, air lines, air valve (with brake line), all Festo connectors...

Price for everything is 349,00 euro + shipping

Original Behotec price + wheels cost more than 500,00 euro!!!

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