The North American F-86 Sabre, is a jet fighter produced by North American Aviation. The Sabre was by far the most-produced Western jet fighter, with total production of all variants at 9,860 units.

1/4 scale F-86 Sabre RC jet model.

Scale: 1/4
Wingspan: 2825 mm / 111,2"
Length: 2850 mm / 112,2"
Weight: around 20 kg
Turbine: from 180 Nm
Radio: minimum 6 channel
CG: on the middle of the aluminum wing joiner tube.

important to accentuate is that complete model was first drawn in 3D program.
Every ply part of model frame construction is laser cut.
In combination with 3D drawing, parts fit perfectly and modeler need minimum time to assemble F-86 Sabre kit.
Also, the program calculates all structural loads and there is no fear that the model could break up in the air.

Until now "Mirce models" F 86 Sabre made more than 500 flight !!!!

In 2018 Februar / March issue of "RC Jet International magazine" you can read text on eight pages about this Sabre:

Text written by the constructor, and he from first hand describe all details and Sabre flying characteristics, so this is great text for all our F 86 wooden kit buyers.

F 86 Sabre made in my workshop:

- Wooden kit - 376,00 Euro (NEW PRICE - 20% instead 470,00 Euro)
   Shipping is not in kit price, but for example for USA shipping cost 100,00 Euro.

- Aluminum tubes - 25,00 Euro (wing joiner & tubes for rudder and elevator) * you must have wing joiner tube when made fuselage & wing for alignment!!!!!!!
- Transparent canopy - 45,00 Euro
- Ply parts for two piece fuselage - 25,00 Euro - new system!!!

- 3D printing parts - all this parts are optionally!!! (- 20% on all products!)

For scale surface:

- Detail set for F 86  - 50,00 Euro
- Finish set  - 60,00 Euro
-  Extra rivets set   - 75,00 Euro (35.000 rivets set)

"Alewings" offer complete wire installation for 1/4 scale F 86 Sabre model:

Landing gears and speed brake linear actuator you can order from Electron retracts:

CMJets made fuel tanks -

Francesco Mondinelli made fantastic cockpit for F 86 kit.
More information you can get from him directly:

The wooden kit is assembled as a "Puzzle", each part has its own place, does not have two identical parts and cannot be reversed or positioned differently.
We always send drawings for easier assembling.

Before gluing, always assemble the part you are doing without adhesive. This allows you to see the assembly process.

For wings and elevators you will get building template!!!

We recommends covering the air frame with 3 mm balsa and 80 - 100 gr fiberglass cloth & epoxy resin. 

Information, tech support & help in building process is non-stop available on e-mail:

One of fantastic 1/4 scale F 86 Sabre from our wooden kit.