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Detail set for F6F Hellcat

Detail Set for Hellcat can be made for any F6F scale...

Until now we made sets for:

- 1/5 scale Ziroli F6F & Bates
- 1/6 scale Don Smith plans
- 1/4 scale - custom made F6F

I made two Ziroli Hellcats.

For finishing I always used Mirce Finish Set and this Detail Set.
For stars and bars I use my Paint Masc Set.
Also, for more detail surface you can use Extra rivets set...

Price for Detail Set is 55,00$ + 10,00$ for shipping

For more information about this Detail Set, please send me e-mail: mirce.rc@gmail.com

On RC Universe you can find pictures and text about this model:

Like always, Detail Set have one piece with screws and other small details. I send 2 meters of transfer foil for applying.

With Detail Set for Hellcat, I give 3 view drawings with all panel lines, rivets position, etc...


How Detail Set loook on the finish surface check here...

Center wing panel...