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Engine plate

This special made engine plate was made for Meister Scale P-47 and for Evolution 80 GX engine. In Europe that engine have name MVVS 80 GX

Plate was made from steel and all spacers are from aluminum.

 In set are three spacers sets:

- 6 pieces aluminum spacers for back plate side and on this spacers we made big washers for larger contact surface on the fire wall
- 4 pieces aluminum spacers which come between engine plate and engine.
- 4 pieces aluminum sparers for cowl.

Between engine plate and spacers to the engine, we made 4 steel two piece parts for 2 degree angle on the right side. That angle eliminate engine and propeller torque to the left...

More information and pictures about installation this engine mount on the model you will find in "Meister Scale P 47 - step by step"  topic on RC Universe...
Here is a link to the page where is describe this setting: http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/m_10794600/mpage_18/key_/tm.htm  
For details check topic 446 on the link...

Price for this engine mount with all parts like on this pictures are 149,00$

If you need more information send e-mail on this address:  mirce.rc@gmail.com