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For sale

1/4 scale Galeb G2.

It can be sale in all combination, complete model just to put receiver and go to fly, or just airplane without retracts, turbine, servos, etc...

Retracts are Behotec C50, wheels & tires also.
Turbine is brand new IQ Hammer 190+ (0 minutes), thrust tube also from same firm.
Alewings electronic.
CM Jets kevlar 4 liter tank + air trap, etc...
Hitec HS 5645 digital servos, custom made G 10 hinges & horns.

Model have all details on surface same like real airplane and color scheme is from "Stars" aerobatic team.
Wing is from three piece, wingspan 2620mm, fuselage is more than 2600 mm long...

Everything is brand new!!!

Ziroli F6F Hellcat.
Model is in very good condition.

Robart landing gears are new!!!

I have engine MVVS 80 (less than three working hours), with two different MVVS exhaust, custom made engine mount, three blade propeller and custom made aluminum spinner.

Price for model and landing gears is 1500,00 Euro + shipping.

Engine + equipment - 550,00 Euro + shipping.

It can be send worldwide...

For serious buyers I send more photos.

Brand new IQ Hammer 190 SS turbine (0 minute run time).

Price 2750,00 Euro + shipping.