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For sale: Meister Scale Zero

Right now I work on 1/4 scale Meister Scale Zero. Model is not finish yet, but it will be in next few weeks...

I can sell Zero in this stage (price will be little lower in that case) or when model be finish complete.

Here is a list of parts I have and use for Meister Scale Zero:

- short kit - 440,00$
- spinner - 55,00$
- Siera Giant retracts - 600,00$
- Robart tail wheel mechanism - 150,00$
- tail cone - 35,00$
- cockpit - 45,00
- cowl - 60,00$
- canopy - 50,00
- wheels Dubro 6" - 40,00$
- small parts, balsa planks, glass, epoxy resin, filers, detail sets, paint mask, finish set... - 500,00$

Total amount 1975,00$ or 1450,00 euro

Here is a links to Meister Scale site to check the prices:


In this price are not labor, plans, shipping for the parts and custom service I payed to get them...

I can offer and all other parts, servos, switchers, air tank for pneumatic, air lines, air valves, other pieces for air system, pilot in 1:4 scale, gas tank...
I have all this parts and if you are interesting for them I can send you price and instal it in model.

For more information send me e-mail: mirce.rc@gmail.com  or call:  00381 63 562 762