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For sale Ziroli F9F Panther

For sale Ziroli F9F Panther.

Price for model is as much as I pay for parts built in model + shipping...

Here is list of parts, some are from Ziroli web site ( www.ziroli.com ):

- short kit - 320,00$
- fiberglass inlets - 58,00$
- canopy - 28,00$
- plastic tip tanks & nose cap - 32,00$
- wing tube - 35,00$
- Robart retracts 437,00$
- Behotec front leg - 75,00$
- Aluminum wheels - 70,00$
- Jet Cat titanium thrust tube - 280,00$
- Taylor Decals letters - 95,00&
- Finish Set, Detail Set, Paint masc, balsa for planking, glass cloth, epoxy resin, fillers, painting (7 colors + clear cote), small parts (hinges, horns...) -  500,00$

Total amount:  1930,00$  or 1450,00 Euro

As you can see, no plans, no any labor are in this amount....

If you want to made this model, that is at least how much you need to pay. Probably, you will pay more, because you need to order all those parts and sets, pay for shipping, maybe custom tax...

Here are link to last page about this project on this web site...
On RC Universe you can read text on English and see many pictures of this model:  http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/rc-jets-120/10165568-ziroli-f9f-panther-made-serbia-6.html

For more information send me e-mail on: mirce.rc@gmail.com