Galeb G2 was one of the best two-seat jet trainer and light ground-attack airplane.
Plane was developed during the 1950s as a replacement for the Lockheed T-33 in service with the Yugoslav Air Force.
Production started in 1965 and ended in 1985 with 248 aircraft delivered.

Scale: 1/5

Wingspan: 2320 mm (91,3") with tip tanks  /  2060 mm (81,1") without tip tanks
Length: 2065 mm / 81,3"
Weight: 11,2 kg / 24,65 lbs (flying weight of model from picture)
Wing area: 83 sq/dm / 1287 sq/in
Turbine: 80 - 100 Nm
Radio: minimum 6 channel

Scale: 1/4

Wingspan: 2920 mm (115") with tip tanks  /  2620 mm (103,1") without tip tanks
Length: 2650 mm / 104,3"
Weight: around 17 - 18 kg / 37,5 - 39,6 lbs
Wing area: 103,75 sq/dm / 1608 sq/in
Turbine: 140 - 180 Nm
Radio: minimum 6 channel

Almost 300 hours was used to draw complete model in Catia 3D program!!!
That is important to
accentuate, because drawings allow to fit all part before production.

Every balsa and ply part of model frame construction is laser cut.
In combination with 3D drawing, parts fit perfectly and modeler need minimum time to assemble wooden kit.

During model building, you need plans just for wing build.
Fuselage have their jig for easy compilation and ailerons, rudder, flaps
assembled as a puzzle!!!
Anyone with previous model building experience can easily build this model.

This is one of the easiest jet model for fly, thanks to small weight and big area.
G2 model, as well as the real Galeb G2, fly smooth, like big trainer.

Because grass and bumpy airfield we have here, wing construction is quite robust, especially around landing gears. 

Best of all, there is no need for some very expensive equipment, no need for digital servos, power box, giro, etc...
I use Hitec HS 645 MG servos on all surfaces, only digital servo (HS 5645 MG) is for nose wheel.

During the making of the model, many images were created. Galeb G2 - 1/4 scale     Galeb G2 - 1/5 scale

- Short wooden kit 1/5 scale  - 495,00 Euro

- Short wooden kit 1/4 scale  - 595,00 Euro

- 3D printed tip tanks  - 50,00 Euro

- Three piece wing (center panel + 2 outer panels)   - 20,00 Euro
   (for 1/4 scale model this is part of wooden kit)
More about this products you can see here.

or scale surface finish:  

- Detail set for Galeb G2  - 50,00 Euro
- Finish set  - 60,00 Euro
- Extra rivets set  - 75,00 Euro (35.000 rivets)


- Two wall thrust tube with inlet part
- Behotec C 40 retracts, wheels & air system
- CM Jets main and UAT Kevlar tanks
- Alewings electronic equipments (for 1/4 scale Galeb G2)

Parts from list are used in model we build.

Covering the air frame with 18 gr/sq meter fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin.

Info, tech support & help in building process on e-mail at: