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For 100" P 47 Thunderbolt powered with MVVS 80 GX (Evolution 80 - for US market) I can offer spinner with back plate and distance plate.

All parts are made from aluminum.
Spinner have gutter for aluminum plate.


Distance plate is 10 mm wide... It is 6 mm wider than original you get with MVVS 80.

Spinner is 100 mm long, 55 mm in diameter on the end by the propeller. Spinner body is 40 mm in diameter.
On Meister Scale P 47 it look like this:

Price for spinner, back plate and distance plate is 79,90$ + postage.

If you need just spinner with back plate, price is 69,90$ + postage.

We can paint your spinner in color you wish. Spinner will be primed first and paint with polyurethane paint, which is very hard and durable. For painting you must add 15,00$ on spinner cost.

We can offer also to made you custom made spinner and back plate in many different sizes and shapes which can be made from your drawings. Send me e-mail for this option:  mirce.rc@gmail.com