"MIRCE MODELS" in partnership with Damiano Orizio offer short wooden kit of F-100 Super Sabre RC jet model.

Scale: 1/4,8
Wingspan: 2500 mm / 98,4"
Length: 2865 mm / 113", with front tube 3150 mm / 124"
Weight: 18 - 20 kg
Turbine: from 160 Nm
Radio: minimum 6 channel

Most important to accentuate is that complete model was first drawn in 3D program!
Every balsa and ply part of model frame construction is laser cut.
In combination with 3D drawing, parts fit perfectly and modeler need minimum time to assemble F-104 Starfighter kit.

Building process of F 100 Super Sabre you can see in next albums:





Canopy & cockpit:

Wing tanks & pylons:

Glassing, filler & primer:

Detail set - panel lines, rivets, details...

Wooden kit:

Damiano's F 100:

Building process of second generation F 100 Super Sabre is almost the same. Elevators & rudder are "copy - paste" like on first generation Super Sabre.
There are slight differences in the design of the wings, and there is a pattern on which the wings are made.
You can choose the fuselage from one or two parts and the main landing gears are now part of the fuselage!!!
News are 3D printing parts.

Wing - generation II F 100:

Fuselage from one part - generation II F 100:

Fuselage from two parts - generation II F 100:

3D printing parts for generation II F 100:

Cockpit - generation II F 100:

Landing gears - generation II F 100:

Elevators - generation II F 100:
Details - generation II F 100: