Short kit for Galeb G2 offer almost all parts for complete model air fame construction.
All balsa and ply parts are laser cut from 3D drawing.

- wing parts:

- all balsa & ply ribs and parts for wing construction
- front & rear wooden wing joiner
- all spars
- 6 mm hard ply landing gear plates
- 6 mm hard ply part for fixing wing to the fuselage
- planks, ribs, balsa leading edge base, for ailerons and flaps
- wing plan

- fuselage parts:

- all fuselage ribs
- parts on and between fuselage ribs
- parts for suction channel
- beech slats for front landing gear, wing contraction and turbine cantilever

- elevator & rudder parts:

- all balsa and ply ribs
- all planks for tail surfaces
- cover for servo openings on tail surfaces

Note: For complete model you need 3 mm balsa sheets for wing & fuselage planking, 5 mm & 10 mm balsa sheets for wing, elevator and ailerons leading edges and wing & elevator tips!!!

If you made tip tanks, no need for balsa wing tip!!!