Jastreb J 21 is 1/5 scale jet model, next step after 1/5 scale Galeb G2.

Difference between this two models are small, Galeb G2 is two seat airplane and Jastreb J 21 is single seat.
Biggest difference is G2 have one piece wing and J 21 have three piece wing for easier transport.

Same like Galeb G2, "Mirce Models" offer short kit for 1/5 scale Jastreb J 21 RC jet model.

Almost 300 hours was used to draw complete model in Catia 3D program. All parts for wooden kit are laser cut.

Scale: 1/5
Wingspan: 2320 mm (91,3") with tip tanks  /  2060 mm (81,1") without tip tanks
Length: 2065 mm / 81,3"
Weight: around 11 kg / 24,50 lbs
Wing area: 83 sq/dm / 1287 sq/in
Turbine: 80 - 100 Nm
Radio: minimum 6 channel

Building process of Jastreb J 21 you can see in next albums...