Mirce Rivets Set

If you need just rivets to finish details on your scale model, order some of Rivets Set...

Rivets are 1,8 or 2 mm in diameters.

You can order one of the available sets:

-  5000  rivets set   -  25,00$
- 10000 rivets set   -  40,00$
- 15000 rivets set   -  55,00$
- 20000 rivets set   -  70,00$

- 30000 rivets set   -  100,00$
- 40000 rivets set   -  120,00$
- 50000 rivets set   -  140,00$

On price add 15,00$ for shipping

If you want, we can made different rivets space.

For info, how to apply rivets on model, look at this link:  http://www.nsmodelers.rs/home/mirce-finish-set

Mr. Don Rice made Youtube how to apply "Mirce models"  rivets on RC model surface:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mk2BKeZAE-w

More info and order on e-mail:  mirce.rc@gmail.com

Greg Wright made interesting project on his Carf P-47. He add rivets on even painted model...

This surface look very nice and rivets can be used on this way too... After weathering model will be even better.... Great job Greg...