Panther Detail Set

Detail set contains all details for fuselage, wing and tail section.

Before adding detail, can be used Mirce Finish Set for panel lines and rivets.

You can used Paint masks for stars and bars.

For more detail surface, you can add more rivets from Extra rivets set.

On my first Panther I made rivets with soldering iron.

When I made "face lift" on that model, I used rivets from Finish Set & Extra rivets set.

This Detail Set can be increased or decreased as needed.

Set comes with transfer foil, for easy and precise applying.

More information and pictures you can find on this link:

This page should help with the setup details on Ziroli F9F Panther.

Ziroli F9F Panther:

Panther fuselage - left side...

Right side is almost same. Only small difference is in this area...

Fuselage bottom side...