3D printed tip tanks for F 104

Set of 3D print F 104 tip tanks is available and can be ordered.

Price 80,00 Euro + shipping (if it is ordered separately).

We suggest to cover 3D printed tip tank (no fins) with 40 gr/sq meter glass cloth and epoxy resin.

Then filler, primer, sanding...

That will give very big strength and super smooth surface...

- 1360 mm long

- 130 mm in diameter

- with all inner ply rings & parts, aluminum screw guide tubes - weight is just 656 gr!!!

For those who do not want to make tanks at the ends of the wings from wood kit, we offer 3D printed reservoirs.

Tip tanks are absolutely same like wooden one...

With slow CA is very easy to glue ply rings in plastic parts.

Ply rings DON'T COME on the end of the part!!!!

Before glue two plastic part together prepare the edges, remove the excess from the print, try to attach the parts without glue, to check alignment, and just after that stick them!!!

You can use CA + activator or 5 minute epoxy glue.

With epoxy glue you have more time to fit parts.

First glue front three printing parts, than rear three parts.

In middle part, with 5 minute epoxy, glue ply ribs.