F 100 - elevator parts

All elevator parts for the F 100 Super Sabre are made in machine work shop.

Update of the elevator linkage.

In machine workshop we made new part for elevator - servo linkage. It's much stronger than earlier part (5 mm stainless steal thread).

On photos you can see what the early system looked like.An elevator tube passes through two plastic rings and the lever was made of 5 mm stainless steel thread.

This system works fine, Damiano has made more than 750 starts so !!!!


But we wanted to add a little more security. On CNC machine we made much stronger and rigid part that connects the elevator and the servo.

Also, one bearing was added to the outside of the box. Now there is not the slightest idle between the elevator and the fuselage.

I recommend this set up for F 100 wooden kits that were purchased earlier!!!


The entire assembly for one F 100 model has:

- two aluminum tubes for elevators

- four plastic rings

- four aluminum fasteners for fixing with 3 mm screws

- two CNC made aluminum parts for servo - elevator connection.

- two bearings & 8 pieces 4 mm ply rings for bearings