Hinges & horns from

G10 material

On my big warbird and jet models I use custom made hinges & horns, made from 1,5 mm G10 material.

Hinges are very strong and providing good geometry, especially on flaps.

In set you will get G 10 hinges and horns for all control surfaces:

- 6 hinges for flaps

- 2 horns for flaps

- 3 horns (2x ailerons, 1x rudder)

- 2 horns for elevator

Price for one set is 40,00 Euro.

This is horns for aileron, elevator and rudder, for flaps the shape is a little different...

Hinges for flaps with offset movement for better air flow around flaps...

On ailerons, elevator and rudder I use big Dubro or Robart hinge with metal shaft...