3D printing parts for smaller F 100 Super Sabre

3D printed parts allow you to quickly and accurately create a model.

- 3D printed wing tank and pylons - 45,00 Euro

- wings & elevators leading edge - 15,00 Euro

- wings and elevators tip - 15,00 Euro

- rudder kit (top part, trailing edge on the rudder moving part and bulge) - 15,00 Euro

- main gear doors (two parts left & right) - 20,00 Euro

- rear exhaust cone + fuselage ring for cone - 30,00 Euro

- guns panels for fuselage - 30,00 Euro

You can order each part separately or complete all parts.

The shipping cost depends on the size of the parts. If you order parts with wooden kit, sending is included in the cost of the wooden kit.

Wing details:

Fuselage front part:

Rear cone and fuselage ring:



Gear doors:

Detail of trailing edge on rudder moving part:

Guns panel for fuselage: