"Mirce models" wooden kits

Each "Mirce models" wooden kit is drawn in a 3D program.

The parts were cut on a laser cut machine.

Each wooden kit is very cleverly designed and represents completely different levels of model making. During construction you have templates into which the parts are placed, which results in exceptional manufacturing precision. The pieces fit together like a puzzle, you don't need paper plans, you can't swap or put the pieces in another place because they just don't fit. With the help of drawings and a large number of photos, assembling our wooden kits will be a real pleasure for you.

For each model, we have an offer of parts printed on a 3D printer, which reduce the production time and increase the quality of the model.

Also, there is an accurate list of landing gear parts for each model.

Transparent cabins are made by a company with a professional vacuum machine.

We also offer sets for finishing models like real airplanes. Rivets, screws, covers, doors and other details will give your model an authentic look.

And finally, perhaps the most important information, each of our models has hundreds of flights!!!!

For more information on wooden kits send an email to: mirce.rc@gmail.com