F 100 -landing gears

Here is a list of parts for landing gears from Behotec for "Mirce models" F 100 Super Sabre:

- 1 x C 50 complete retract set

- 2 x FB 200 strut with 8 mm axle and scissor

- 2 x D10 rims, with brakes

- 2 x Dubro 140 mm / 5,5"

- 1 x FB250 front strut for two wheels axle

- 2 x C4-1 single rim for front wheels dia. 91 mm

- 2 x 91mm full rubber

All this parts you can order direct from Adriana in Behotec.


Ales Gasparic sent me pictures of his new version of the landing gears.

Instead of the Behotec C50, he installed the Electron ER50 with a force of 150 kg !!!!

These landing gears needs a GS-200 / GS-200Pro controller.

It is necessary to buy landing gears with an 8 mm pin. Behotec equipment is easily installed on this Electron ER50.


For an even more scale F 100 model, you can order these details for the wheel rims.

More info at: ales.gasparic@gmail.com